Joe Bauernfeind
Joe, who is the founder of Zenith Archery Products, began competitive archery in 1968. He has won many local shoots and several state and sectional championships in the freestyle division of the NFAA, both in the open class and later as a Senior. He won the gold medal for archery in the 1997 Senior Olympics, the bronze medal in the 1999 Senior Olympics and the gold medal in the 2011 Senior Olympics.

B. Howard Coffey
Howard has been a faithful writer for the US Archer for a number of years. In his spare time he ministers to prisoners and their families in an effort to break the cycle of crime. Click here to visit Howard’s blog!

Teresa Iaconi
Teresa has been an archery coach for four years, ans was the recipient of USA Archery’s 2010 Development Coach of the Year Award. She specializes in public relations and marketing. Click here to reach Teresa on Facebook!

Brittany Jo Jones

Brittany Jo is visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Grimes, while on leave with her husband, Tech Srg. Derek Jones and their new son, Drake. Her husband is on assignment with the Air Force in England. She is in her final year of her English major degree.

Dave Keaggy, Sr.
“Old Dave” not only shot and coached archery, he is certified as a level four instructor in pool and billiards with the American Cuesports Alliance. He was certified as an instructor by the National Rifle Association and certified by the State of Arizona to hold classes for the concealed carry of firearms.

George Tekmitchov
George is the Senior Recurve Engineer for Hoyt, Inc. and International Technical Advisor for Easton Technical Products, where he developed the X10 arrow shaft. A four-time member of the US Archery team, George has also represented the United States in the FITA World Field Championships and the World Games. George is also known as the “Voice of Archery” having been the official FITA announcer at World and Olympic events since 1992.

Terry Wunderle
Terry is The Shot Doctor, call him at 217.482.3670 to schedule private lessons at his residence in Illinois. Through these lessons you will learn the skills you need to improve your archery technique.